Poetry: 'OCEAN WRESTLE', The Last Song: Words for Frightened Rabbit, ed. Aaron Kent & Maria Sledmere, 2023

Poetry: 'webhold' & 'digital homology', Ludd Gang, Issue 12, 2023

A creative non-fiction essay about the possibilities of non-normative practices of relating, both in our individual lives and its radical potential for imagining other ways of being in community with one other.

An academic paper exploring the role of children's books about farms in creating and perpetuating a cultural image of animal farming as romantic and benevolent.

Essay: 'Non-Human Consent: On Touching Other Animals', Vegan-Feminist Network, 2018
An illustrated essay applying feminist consent theory and practices to our interactions with non-human animals.

As well as making illustrations for my essays, poetry and other creative writing, the written word frequently weaves its way into my visual projects. My artbook Seven For A Secret, which explored the Bluebeard fairytale and its feminist retellings, was a mosaic-story I wrote from four fragmented Bluebeard texts. My project 'Unsaid', which can be found on Instagram as @_un_said, takes as its poetry an ongoing and open call for anonymous submissions on the theme 'something you wished you had said'.