'OCEAN WRESTLE' (The Last Song: Words for Frightened Rabbit, ed. Aaron Kent & Maria Sledmere, 2023)
'webhold' & 'digital homology' (Ludd Gang, Issue 12, 2023)


A creative non-fiction essay about the possibilities of non-normative practices of relating, both in our individual lives and its radical potential for imagining other ways of being in community with one other.

'Non-Human Consent: On Touching Other Animals', Vegan-Feminist Network, 2018
An illustrated essay applying feminist consent theory and practices to our interactions with non-human animals.


An academic paper exploring the role of children's books about farms in creating and perpetuating a cultural image of animal farming as romantic and benevolent.

My project 'Unsaid', which can be found on Instagram as @_un_said, takes as its poetry an ongoing and open call for anonymous submissions on the theme 'something you wished you had said'.